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serengeti sunglasses
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Serengeti Eyewear

In an ever changing world, Serengeti lenses are designed to adapt at every turn. As the pioneer of Photochromic technology, Serengeti is the industry leader in creating lenses that adapt to an array of environments. The molecules in all Serengeti lenses(no matter which lens type) actually expand in brighter environments such as sun drenched roads where UV radiation is heavy, creating a darker lens that absorbs more visible light. In darker scenarios with diminished UV radiation, the molecules of the Serengeti lenses actually compress and separate, allowing in more visible light. No matter what the condition though, Serengeti lenses block out 100% of the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays. By looking through lenses that naturally adapt to light conditions, your eyes don’t have to, elimination eyestrain and providing you the clearest view possible.

Just like the people who wear Serengeti, the Serengeti company has always had an insatiable urge to go beyond ordinary.With technology at the heart of everything Serengeti does, they never settle, continually looking for new materials, processes and possibilities. No matter what you do in life, Serengeti offers sunglasses engineered to amplify the way you view the world around you.

Here at Sunglass & Optical Warehouse…our experts have been trained by Serengeti field techs on all aspects of this incredible sunglass collection. We also carry the largest selection of Serengeti Eyewear in Southern California. If for some reason, we do not have the model you want, we can special order it for you immediately!

Serengeti sunglasses
Serengeti sunglasses
Serengeti sunglasses